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Unlike anything that has ever touched your skin, our organic, all-natural bath and body products will leave your skin feeling like never before. All our soaps are made with certified organic oils of: extra virgin olive oil, coconut, palm fruit, sunflower, castor bean, jojoba, and either shea butter or cocoa butter to rejuvenate your face and body. Our organic soaps lather incredibly well, moisturizing your skin, and leaving you feeling clean and refreshed Scented with only pure essential oils, each flavor has its own unique way of making mind and body feel alive.

Let’s look at Wildwood Soap Bars in true light:

• Dollar for dollar they are a better value and better for you!
• They are enormous! A full 5 oz. which is much larger and longer lasting than most of our competitors
• Not only are the oils certified organic, we use more of them and they are of the highest quality available!
• We use only therapeutic grade essential oils for the ultimate aromatherapy experience!
• We never use fragrance oils, micas, dyes, or anything artificial… if it’s not good for your skin, it’s not in here!

So, come inside…look around…compare our products and experience skincare as nature intended, water will never be the same!