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Born out of a desire to use only certified organic ingredients that benefit your skin, we hold ourselves, and our suppliers, to the highest of standards. Our therapeutic grade essential oils undergo a complete chemical analysis before they are released for use. The carrier oils we use are not just USDA certified organic, but of the finest quality available. We NEVER use cheap fillers like soy or pomace. Our Jojoba is pressed for quality, not quantity, so the naturally occurring skin benefits are realized to their full potential. We employ many types of exotic oils that are unique in their abilities to provide your skin with healing, soothing properties without the use of manmade chemicals. If it's not good for your skin, it's not in here!

Not only using the finest ingredients available, each product is researched, developed and made by us, by hand! We do not buy bases made by other companies, add a few things, and call it our own! This is a labor of love for creating unique blends that replenish, rejuvenate, and restore your skin. Unrivaled aromatherapy allows you to escape the rigors of everyday life and travel to place where mind, body, and soul are reawakened.