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Certified Organic Plant Oils Lotion Bars
Lotion Twist Ups Hydrosols
These handmade solid lotion bars are our own unique blend of certified organic ingredients. Made from shea butter, pure jojoba oil, high oleic sunflower oil and just enough beeswax to hold it together, your skin will be left smooth, supple, and baby soft. After 10 to 15 minutes, it will have completely disappeared without that greasy feeling that most others leave behind. Once absorbed, it heals and seals the moisture in so you will be protected and revitalized for the day. Say goodbye to cracked, dry skin forever! Since it is a solid, there are none of the nasty methyl parabens, glycols, and assorted other hard-to-pronounce chemicals that most liquid lotions require. Use the full size bar at home or work and the twist-up for the purse and general portability.
Investigate our certified organic plants oils, and discover what nature can do to revitalize your skin!  Each offering has its own unique properties. From hair care to eczema and everything in between!