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Baby Kjell's Baby Balm
Price: $19.95


You and your baby will delight in the organic goodness of this amazing creation! Diaper rash? Cuts? Scrapes? Bites? Red patches? You now have one solution for all these problems. Various herbs are infused into certified organic extra virgin olive oil. Then therapeutic grade rosewood essential oil is added to complete this natural cure-all. From our hands to yours, give your child what we would give ours...skincare as nature intended! As with all of our Baby Products, they are good for kids of all ages! Adults can, and do, benefit from the handmade, natural, organic goodness that is skincare as nature intended.
Golden Slumbers Sleep Balm
Price: $9.95


Why lay awake at night counting farm animals when this natural formula of organic ingredients can help find Dreamland? Into a base of certified organic extra virgin olive oil, we blend a combination of herbs and therapeutic grade essential oils, all of which having calming and relaxing attributes. Rub some on your forehead, temples, and under the nose...say "goodnight" as you drift into a blissful state of restful sleep. Great for kids as well!
Headcase Balm
Price: $9.95


Headcase "headache relief balm" - a natural tranquil infusion of calming herbs and essential oils. When applied to temples, forehead, and across upper lip under nose, your headache will disappear in about ten minutes time. Good for migraines, tension, sinus headaches, and stress relief.
Healing Balm
Price: $9.95

Good for what ails you, we have infused certified organic extra virgin olive oil with our exclusive blend of herbs, all of which have soothing, healing qualities. If it hurts, burns, or itches, simply rubbing in this natural formula will help relieve what is bothering you. Our clients have successfully used this blend on cuts, scrapes, burns, cold sores, bug bites, and a myriad of other skin conditions. Small enough to carry anywhere, never leave home without it!